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Introducing Barramundi Blue to the American Market

Showcase 63 is delighted to announce that it is now going to be bringing BarraBlue's fish farming technology to American Aquaculture.

With the impending depletion of available food producing land and the overfishing of the world’s oceans, the necessity and opportunity for aquaculture is upon us. Corporations are feeding the world through genetics resulting in sterile food, food that doesn’t germinate from its own seeds. Aside from the health issues associated with GMO foods, the world needs sustainability. We all need to eat and be responsible for the consequences to the earth in the way we provide nutrients and sustenance to the world’s inhabitance. This endeavor starts locally by generating awareness and providing sustainable solutions to the issues we face.

Our company provides complete grow-out and management services including Nurseries for fingerlings, Oxygen systems, filtration, pumping systems, grow tanks, and Project Management for systems ranging from 2 – 2,000 tons of fish production annually. This production range is ideally suited to small government use such as school districts and small towns where there is a meaningful incentive to provide sustainable food solutions. Larger government entities will benefit from the ability to feed their citizens with healthy, organic protein.

Existing fish farms and hatcheries will benefit from our state of the art products and efficiency management solutions to an existing enterprise. Corporations that provide cafeteria services will benefit from the long term cost savings and sustainable solution for feeding their employees the best available protein and vegetables.

Business enterprises such as food distributors to restaurants, where a specific size product (ie: 10” Sea Bass) is required, will greatly benefit because of the control over their product.

The land footprint required is a small fraction of traditional crops and livestock production. Resource use is exponentially reduced to our system’s efficiency and the native environment of the product. Tilapia, for example, requires only vegetable based food, an amount that is only fractionally above the yield. The waste produced by the product is then used to grow vegetables, fully utilizing all resources and assets in a controlled environment.

We provide Project Management with each system and in many cases will take a partnership role to establish and maintain a successful long term business. Because we are producing a live product requiring 24/7 management and staffing of the facility, it is imperative to operate the enterprise properly. Our team has the proven experience to ensure success.