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Wi-Fi Internet Radios with iPhone / iPod Docking Station

Charge your iPhone and ipod while enjoying your favorite station
This Wi-Fi Internet radio streams music from your PC
Plays more than 15,000 Internet radio stations
Podcasts and FM stations
Its versatile docking station will charge your iPhone / iPod while you listen. You won't miss a beat
You can even send your music to external speakers
The beautiful radio and docking station comes with a clock and alarm in an elegant wood casing

Shower Radios and CD Player Series
Shower with your music in style
Please ask about our Shower CD players as well
Shower AM / FM radios come in a variety shapes and colors
To match your bathroom decor
Many radios come conveniently with suction cups
And alarm clocks
All radios are battery operated and some even have an AC option
Please ask about our Shower CD players as well

Travel Radio

This 5-in-1 travel radio is an alarm clock with multiple settings
AM/FM radio with built-in speakers
LED reading lamp
Cell phone charger
Emergency flashlight
Current date and time on easy to read radio dial
The radio's built-in speaker produces fabulous music all night long
For emergencies, you can charge your phone
Hand crank the super bright Dynamo flashlight
It is a must have for travel