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EcoFarms 63's A complete Hatchery and Nursery System using EcoFarms 63 CCFF Technology
Product Information
A complete Hatchery and Nursery System using EcoFarms 63 CCFF Technology
Hatchery w/Nursery
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Product Features and Specifications
Product Description
These are complete systems that will be customized to meet the needs of your clients and the demands of your market. It is more than just a product in a package. It includes Due Diligence Report, Environmental Analyze Reports, Project Plans, Professional Hands on Training, and whatever else is needed to made your farm healthy and productive.

EcoFrams 63 uses the latest technology and equipment. Manufacturing is done by specialize factories and is monitored by our team. This maintains the a high quality of product without the cost of custom building each piece. This allows EcoFarms 63 to be able to assemble all the need components for you into a single product.

The Closed Containment Fish Farming (CCFF) by EcoFarms is proven technology for both freshwater and marine varies of fish in a closed environment. It is fully adaptable to be used with commercial water, poor quality freshwater or murky seawater.

The CCFF is a sustainable land based intensive aquaculture farming operations that meets stringent environmental guidelines. It has changed the aquaculture market place through achieving higher biomass stocking levels while minimizing energy costs and reducing farm overhead and labor costs. Bio-mass stocking densities of up to 80 kg/m3 (naturally aspirated- dependent upon species) with upper limit of 120kg/m3 for oxygen induced systems meet environmental waste management guidelines. CCFF includes providing reduced exchange rates and high quality water intake thru proven water pre-treatment filtration programs and recirculating water waste management. Read more about the benefits of the CCFF Technology

High quality assured products currently being manufactured, include:
* Bio-filters for the de-nitrifying process in the conversion of NH3 to NH4 and the removal of ammonia
* Bead Filters also for the de-nitrifying process
* UV water sterilization units -- UV light is used for the disinfestations of the water and kill water borne bacteria
* Protein Skimmers to 120 tons (or Foam fractionators) are devices that remove suspended solids form the water -- fish waste, uneaten food -- by means of fractionation between air and the re-circulating water
* Sand filters: a non-mechanical fluidized filter designed to remove solid waste particles contained in the re-circulated water.
* Fiberglass Fish tanks complete and componentized
* Fiberglass Artemis and Rotifer tanks complete and componentized
* Algae production reactors
* Oxygen cones
* PE manufactured combined Biological filtration
* Marine and fresh water pumps
* Biological media (up to 2400m2/m3)
* Membrane diffuser discs
* PE drum and parabolic filters
* Roots design Air blowers/pumps
* Ozone and Oxygen generations
* Backup power generators
* Hatchery Equipment

EcoFarms 63's systems operate under strict bio-secure practices that eliminate cross contamination, reduce disease risk. EcoFarms 63's biological filtration maximizes de-nitrification combined with Protein Skimmers, passive fluidized filtration (all non-mechanical or energy driven) and high density UV water sanitation.

Also available are onsite QA verification, pre delivery check and customs clearance inspections, assistance and the selection of professional logistic and export services, assuring at all times a high satisfaction rate with your purchase.

Please note:
1) The terms of payment: 50% in advance the balance should be paid before the shipment after inspection or pictures of the goods.
2) The delivery time: 45 days after deposit payment.
3) Packing: Suitable for container loading

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