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Contact us directly
Montell Snyder
US, Operation Manager
(925) 285-0497

Or email Showcase 63

c/o David Garcia
EcoFearms 63
or Showcase 63
PO Box 891
Helendale, CA 92342

Technical Flyer

The EcoFarms 63 team members are here to assist in any way we can.

There are several ways to Contact Us

Before You Start
You may want one of the several borchures or documents or videos that are available on this site. You may also want us to create a document, sample ROI, video just for you.

To Get Started
One of the best ways to help us help you is to fill out the Extended Request Form or RFP Form.

If know what you want or already have some information. We can use the informaation you submit in Expanded Request Form or RFP Form to start evaluating how EcoFarms 63 can deliver the system(s) you desire and need. Please be as specific as you as you can about the type of Fish, estimated product yields in tons per year, environmental concerns, building layouts, property size and terrain, local market conditions, etc. If you desire to include hydroponics or not and which plants and yields are needed.
Working on a Proposal and your Project
We will reply with the outline or draft of a Proposal. We will list out a set of preliminary services that will be need to complete a Final Proposal for you and and custom design work that your system may needed.

You will need to complete a Questionaire before the final Proposal and design work can be completed.

We can assist or manage any protion of the planning, regulatory submissions, building, or production process for you. For more information go here.
To start an order you can use either form:
Extended Request Form or the simple Request Form

Please list all items by: Name, Number, and Quantity

Submitting an order request means you are considering what you want to get. We will submit a quote(s) or proposal to you that can be revised until you are ready to approve and then that becomes the formal purchase.

There is a lot to consider in purchasing a fish farm, aquaculture equipment, professional services, and replacement materials. We want to make sure you are getting exactly what you need at the right price. We excel in the value of the products and service b ecaue we bring of our unique blending of Australian creativity and knowhow with Asian courtesy, traditions, and manufacturing and American business, management, and standards to the American market. We take personal pride the success of clients’ farms and business and the world we all share.