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We are pleased to introduce Showcase 63, an American company with factory partnerships in Asia. Through our office in Shenzhen, Showcase 63 represents factories in South China that meet our demands for quality products and superior customer service. Our business model is to bring innovative portable solar products, mobile device accessories, and other emerging technologies to our wholesale distributors, and retail clients.

We represent products that are functional and stylish, provide long-lasting value, and sell quickly. Within the mobile devices accessories and portable solar categories, Showcase 63 represents a wide range of products. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, beginning with the product at the factory. Showcase 63 works directly to retailers and wholesalers so they get the best prices. Our presence in China allows us to control all aspects of manufacturing and associated costs, to ensure top quality products in the marketplace. We relieve you of the issues of dealing with Chinese factories.

Showcase 63 also provides OEM sourcing solutions from the factories for small and medium sized businesses (SMB's) that cannot afford the expense of a China representative. Even SMB's with a Chinese representative may want a specialist in electronic accessories and solar products. Our sourcing solutions help SMB's get the right products delivered within their purchasing window, so their products arrive at the showrooms in time for buyer.

In general, western buyers do not have a good comfort level with dealing directly with China. Our company’s management is in China to give our clients a unique level of access and to earn their trust.