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Trust Showcase 63 with your OEM needs. From textiles to electronics, our Asia team is focused to provide our customers with the highest quality products available in the marketplace. Our expertise in logistics is aimed to exceed the order fulfillment expectations of our valued wholesale and retail clients. By having staff in North America and Asia, we are able to control the products from development to delivery, utilizing our combined 50 years of experience in the Asian, European, and North American markets.

Your product will reach the customs office in your country on time and properly documented everytime. We have the relationships with Customs and shipping offices in Asia.

The people making our products also are worthy of good treatment and a weekly dinner on me, David. I always am rewarded with a genuine smile, a hug from their children, and quality effort and workmanship worthy of a strong relationship.

As we travel Asia we have a unique opportunity to enhance the development, production, and quality control processes. Fair labor practices, living conditions, and salaries are important to us because we invest in these areas. As we develop a product and relationship with a factory, we want the entire community to be impacted for the better.