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Ultra Thins Folds into a bag Complete power
in a Rolling Case
Handheld power Off Grid Systems Residental/Commercial Systems
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Showcase Solar can source a wide range of green, sustainable solar products. ((ALT)) Our Solar Products are stylish and innovative that range from USB platforms, carry-alongs for overnight trips, to complete generator-free and off-grid solutions. ((or)) We source solar products from stylish and powerful chargers for your electronics to quiet, lightweight and reliable solutions that substitute for generators. Our products are thoroughly tested to meet the highest manufacturing standards for quality and reliability.

Business Executives and Road Warriors

Clamshell / Briefcase / Suitcase
Recreational Outdoors, Tailgates, Camping

(range of watts) 40W to 360W Solar Power System
Power your portable appliances all day (and all night) for your outdoor expeditions and entertaining, comfort and safety.
Long RV Trips, Boating,

Customizable self contained solutions for energy collection and storage
Ideal for extended trips when you want to be free to move about
Green, sustainable and reliable solar power solutions for your RV and boat power needs
All day and all night, without the noise of a generator

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