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The Showcase 63 team is a dedicated group of individuals that has years of experience in product quality and the evaluation of products, business practices, and environmental impact. Each of us is a check and balance for the other team members. Most of us have 2 children at differing ages, live in northern California, and strive to make our impact on the world without taking away from others to do so. Showcase 63 is a true labor of love for each of us.

David Garcia, CEO, is an Entrepreneur, musician, and world traveler. He is a Construction Manager by trade and sees the demand and immediate need for Solar on a grand scale. Dave is seeking out the best quality products manufactured in Asia and is bring to the USA market. Dave has found and created business relationships and tools that remove the main barrier to Asian products to the US market. These products always come from managed production facilities with best ethics and that consistent quality in their goods and delivered on time. Dave operates the Asian offices out of Shenzhen China, which is just north of Hong Kong.

J. Montell Snyder, Senior Chief Technologist, is also the Owner of eFective Computer Solutions and the primary partner in Data Dialect. Monty has over 20 years in professional business and data analysis. He is described as a Data Scientist by his peers and is known for his keen ability to be objective, only acting if the data that leads to successful outcomes. He has been integral in keeping Dave focused on task as he moves about Asia.

Sharrie Bettencourt, Senior Graphics Designer, has a distinguished career developing graphics, marketing campaigns, and websites for over 30 years. Sharrie has held top Marketing and Graphics Design positions for some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s top companies.

Michael T. Garcia, Market Research Analyst, is lovingly referred to as the Chief geek and gamer. Mikey attends Pacific Union College and has a keen eye for what the youth of the world are looking for.